Journey to Middle earth






         White polar days. Ethernal light of Undying lands in the far north. The lighting becomes more miracle than ever.



Iceland, there and back again.



New original art-poject in Iceland that includes travel, photo-shoots in specially crafted costumes and unique settings, video art, desigh, elements of LARP-game, history and culture.



Where and back again, Journey through Middle-earth places in Iceland, hidden and open. The exact itinerary, list of props and things to have with you, places to stay, ets. will be send to the members of fellowship. 



If you want to take part in journey, or also travel in Iceland same time and want to be photographed by Maja Pushnaja or even live in Iceland and want to be part of it - contact us.


I'm photographer, costume maker and independent traveller. In my travels through european countries I searched the spirit of old celtic and scandinavian legends. But continental Europe is too overcrowded and commecialised for such subtle things. In Iceland the spirit of old Lore still alive. It's full of old magic and folklore. That's why I make this art-project. I collect participants who are fond of Tolkien and north-european folklore and travel across Iceland finding the places that are just from Middle-earth. We prepare special costumes to make photo-shoots. We use some elements from LARP-games as the new art form. Game like the creation of new reality, in which person live like one of characters from the book. This is not a trip or holiday, it's journey through time and dimension to meet with the world of old legends and with your inner self.








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