Ghosts of the old town


            Project “Ghosts of old town” shooted in historical buildings of Tomsk

            Exhibitions - 2012 Loft-mansion, Novosibirsk,

2013 Smile city, Tomsk, 2018 Novosobornaya square, Tomsk


 The streets, which we walk everyday, buildings that look at us with their windows, keep a lot of memories. If you could read it like an old book, listen as the vinyl record, you would have known about the life of the people who lived in our town before. If the whole world stopped for a moment and complete silence reigned - we would have heard the creaking steps under their feets. Because ghosts still live in the old walls. The ladies in velvet dresses and modest students of women's higher college,  emotional poets and exiled nobles from the capital, they walked the streets of the old Tomsk in the nineteenth and twentieth century. And now they can only observe from the empty windows of ruined buildings the world that is hopelessly changed and going on. And we look at them, guessing in the dark doorways of their antiquity silhouettes.



© 2018 by MaYa Pushnaia
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