Maria Pushnaia is costume artist, photographer, cultural studies researcher, art-manager, traveler.


Art photography and costume design  for 12 years.

Design of costumes and accessories (historical and fusion) for private persons, film production, balls, costume fairs, contests, Larp-events, historical reenachment.

Personal course "History of costume" 2013-2014 in Photoacademy, Tomsk.

Independent travels since 2005, travel photographer, tour-guide.



Design and concept art for cultural events of the historical-cultural centre “Avalon”, Barnaul 2006-2009. 
Group exhibition with Valentina Solovova “Fairy -tale is here”, Barnaul/Novosibirsk/Tomsk 2008-2009. 
Exhibition “At the end of knight epoch” (historical costumes and art), Novosibirsk 2009 Museum of local heritage/Tomsk 2010. 
“Mode of the empire epoch”, Novosibirsk 2010 Museum of local heritage. 
 “Slavic and Vikings”, Novosibirsk 2011 Museum of local heritage. 
Art-manager of festival of culture and dance “Renaissance” Tomsk 2006-2007. 

Solo exhibitions.

“The Other beauty. Images of the past” 2010, Citycelebrity gallery, Tomsk 
“Photolegends, new mythology” 2011, Smile city, Tomsk 
“Ghosts of old town”, 2012 Loft-mansion, Novosibirsk/ 2013 Smile city, Tomsk 

“Photolegends”, 2013 co-working “Vmeste”/ 2013 ”Assembling point” 

2 prizes in photo contest “The nature of Tomsk region through the lenses”. 2013. 
Diploma for original collection of costumes “Nomadic and fantasy women”, festival “Heritage”, Novosibirsk, 2010.

Diploma for collection of "Costumes of ancient world", festival "Sibkon", Novosibirsk 2015.

Art-project "Journey to Middle-Earth"  2015-2017, Iceland.

Author's tours to different destinations: Europe, Russia.

Work as costume artist/set costumer at short films CAST production 2018, Whiteraven company 2018, Zolotov film 2018.

© 2018 by MaYa Pushnaia
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